HMS Inflexible

H.M.S. Inflexible was launched at the Royal Dockyard Portsmouth in 1876 and was armed with 4 x 16” MLR guns in two turrets set en-echelon. Plus 2 x t/tubes and 2 x torpedo carriages, a varied assortment of guns from 4.7” to 20pdrs and many lighter weapons, with 8407 IHP she could make 14.75 knots.
The importance of Inflexible, in design terms, is that she was the supreme example of the citadel ship, designed to take punishment. The central part of the ship is a huge cofferdam, protecting the engines, boilers and magazines, with up to 24 inches of armour making her the most heavily armoured ship even built.
It was universally agreed that she was the ugliest ship afloat, however her size and gun power caught the publics imagination, plus the wrangling between the designer N Barnaby and the chief constructor E Reed made this ship such a sensation as in the Dreadnought debate a quarter of a century later.
She served twice in the Med and as guard ship to Portsmouth in 1901, and was sold for breaking up in 1903.
Details of the kit
Scale 1/96    Length 1012mm    Beam 290mm     Sailing weight 12.2Kgs

The most complicated and detailed model in the Deans Marine collection and truly the latest in the PRIDE OF OUR FLEET.
Some of the major features of this model are;
the one piece fibreglass hull with all plating and portlight details, the Rambow is a separate glass fibre casting, one piece fibreglass moulded Glacis plate with non-slip, and gun port detail engraved into the moulding, the two turrets are also glass fibre mouldings, as are the two funnels and uptakes.
Decks are from 1.5mm pre printed plastic, the superstructure is from 1mm and .5mm plastic, there are 17 vacformings for boats, decks etc, the deck planking is pre-printed on cast vinyl and is self adhesive.
A complete set of fittings which adds the detail to this model is included in the kit, there is over 400 cast metal plus over 100 cast plastic fittings for example the weapons, deck fittings, etc., are cast in light alloy, larger items such as lockers, floats, and gun bases are moulded in plastic for light weight.
The ratlines, such a difficult part of a ship of this type are in etched brass along with fine detail parts such as door hinges, cable reels, Ladders and stanchions, other fittings included are the Propshafts in stainless steel, cased in brass proptubes that have replaceable bearings and are fitted with oilers, not forgetting the rudder and tiller arms.
Full size colour plan with embedded digital pictures for detail, Instruction book with sketches and assembly drawings plus a second book of photo exploded pictures and information to ease assembly of this massive model, a colour chart and painting instructions are also included to add the finishing touch to this most powerful looking model as a worthy and much requested addition to our warship range.
There is a range of upgrades available for this model as a Downloadable PDF;
Upgrade Page 1 (Click Here)
Upgrade Page 2 (Click Here)

A CD with 100+ build pictures can be purchased for £12.00, this includes a voucher for £10.00 when purchasing the Kit of HMS Inflexible.

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